This Dad Built “American Ninja Warrior” Course For His Son

Yoshi Koge is a three-year-old boy who loves American Ninja Warrior. Actually, he is obsessed with American Ninja Warrior! And that is the reason why his father, who loves him so much, built his son his own Warrior course in his backyard! Of course the obstacles are not just as scary as those on the

10 Sep 2015

Men And Police Uniform

Have you seen the movie Let´s Be Cops? It is a comedy about two guys who pretend to be cops. You know, it all began as an accident, but soon these guys really started to believe that they can be cops! Insane, right? Well, anyway, this movie really is not what I want to talk

06 Sep 2015

Introducing Getting Awkward

So you have finally found that one. Well, not really that one. I mean, someone you are dating and you really like. A person with who you have been seeing each other for a while. And now it is finally the time to introduce that person to your friends. You know, they have been asking

06 Sep 2015

5 Best Ways To Eat Pizza

Because eating pizza normally is really not that fun. And although pizza is delicious just as it is, you can always do something to make this awesome food even better. How? Well, we have 5 absolutely amazing ways of preparing pizza a little differently. And we bet that each of you will find their favourite.

29 Aug 2015

Will Zoltan Be The New President Of USA?

Well, who knows, perhaps Zoltan will be the one to win the election for president. Who would not want to have an anti-death presidential candidate. One who would fight against the death. That would be just awesome, right? Well, will Zoltan Istvan be successful? Or is he just kidding when he is talking about immortality

27 Aug 2015

Models And Their Weirdest Jobs

Sometimes being a model is not so awesome or glamorous as everybody presumes. Modelling can be tough, it is a job just like any other. Especially the beginnings can be hard. Because, you are not born a star. You have to earn the respect and success, right? And so you sometimes end up getting a

26 Aug 2015

The Best 5 Mobile Spy App

Note: spying on someone is considered illegal without their permission. It can only be legal if the person you are spying on is underage, and it is your duty to take care of them or you have got legal papers to show your intentions. For example, if you are a parent and you would like

26 Jul 2015

Benefits Of Using A Geoexchange System

There are so many options when choosing what method to heat your house with, but one of the most popular and demanding methods nowadays is the geoexchange system. This is a system that not a lot of people actually know about, but due to word of mouth a lot of people want in on it

24 Jul 2015

Benefits of lumbar support belt

Most of the people in today’s economy have jobs that require them to sit in front of a computer for a number of hours in the day. Sedentary lifestyle coupled with lack of exercise and unhealthy diet has resulted in the epidemic of back pain. There used to be a time when people in old

21 Jul 2015
mild back-acne-scarsviewing-gallery-for---bad-back-acne-scars-otpps0dt

Top causes of back acne

Acne is a skin condition that can affect both genders in all age groups. However, it is most prevalent among people who are in their early adulthood. Statistics shows that 1 in every 5 girls aged between 25 and 40 years deal with acne. Research into the condition have unearthed several would be causes, which

20 Jul 2015
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